Welcome to Quaboag Church!  We are a friendly, Bible-believing church in Brookfield, Massachusetts where all are welcome. We come together from many surrounding towns in central MA to worship God and help each other become more ‘fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.’   Here on our website you’ll find a lot of helpful information about who we are and how we do things.  Thanks for stopping by online…please come on Sunday and join us in person!



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Passion Week Events-Daily Readings (from 3-29-15 service)

Palm Sunday
- Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, fulfilling Psalm 118:25-26
Matt 21
- He stopped at the temple before going to Bethany for the night
Mark 11:11

Passion Monday
- Jesus cursed the fig tree
Mark 11:12-14; 11:20-25
- He cleansed the temple
Mark11:15-17; Luke 19:45-46

Passion Tuesday
- Jesus taught at the temple-was challenged by the Jewish leaders
Luke 20:1-19
- Jesus predicted the destruction of the temple
Matt 24:1-2
- Jesus discusses the greatest commandment
Matt 22:34-40

Passion Wednesday
- Jesus taught at the temple
Luke 20:20-47
- Judas agreed to betray Jesus
Matt 26:14-16

Passion Thursday
- Jesus held 'the last supper' with his disciples
John 13:1-20; Luke 22:7-38
- Jesus prays and is arrested in Gethsemane
Matt 26:36-56

Good Friday
"Legal " Proceedings-Jewish and Roman Trials
Jesus was questioned by Annas, father in-law of high priest
Jesus was condemned by Caiaphas, & the Sanhedrin
Pilate questioned Jesus
Herod Antipas questioned Jesus
Pilate condemned Jesus & had him flogged
John 18:12, 19:16; Matt 26:57, 27:31; Mark 14:53, 15:20; Luke 22:54, 23:25
- Jesus was crucified
Matt 27:33-56; Mark 15:22-41; Luke 23:26-49; John 19:17-37
- Jesus was buried in Joseph's of Arimathea's tomb
Matt 27:57-61; Mark 15:42-47; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42
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It's Palm Sunday! Today, we begin "Passion Week" (or Holy Week), which is a reminder of the last week of Christ's earthly life. For Jesus, this was a very busy week as he prepared for the event that would change history forever: His Crucifixion.

Don't forget to grab a list of Scripture readings for the week when you get your bulletin this morning.

Looking forward to worshiping with our church family this morning!
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For those that missed it...a recap of Catalyst's trip to Monadnock Bible Conference

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Palm Sunday is this Sunday! Can you believe Easter is already upon us? We'll have some short, daily readings available in the bulletins this Sunday. They'll take us on a "Walk to the Cross" and focus on the last week of Christ's life (or, Passion Week) and get our hearts ready for Good Friday. We'll see everyone this Sunday! God Bless you this week and may you shine the light of Christ wherever you may be. ... See MoreSee Less