Welcome to Quaboag Church!  We are a friendly, Bible-believing church in Brookfield, Massachusetts where all are welcome. We come together from many surrounding towns in central MA to worship God and help each other become more ‘fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.’   Here on our website you’ll find a lot of helpful information about who we are and how we do things.  Thanks for stopping by online…please come on Sunday and join us in person!



moving to the area in 2 weeks , so looking forward to visiting this church! ... See MoreSee Less


Join us this Friday night @ 7pm for our Good Friday Service. ... See MoreSee Less


Don't forget we have to change our clocks ahead Saturday night!! You don't want to be late for church! :) ... See MoreSee Less


Joe Lafko 11 hours ago · Edited I Thank God today when I become awake I Thank God today for the first breath that I take I Thank God today for the eyes that let me see I Thank God today for a Son who set me free I Thank God today for the words I get to Talk I Thank God today for the feet that let me walk I Thank God today for the light that shines today I Thank God today for the light that shows my way I Thank God today for the family that I Love I Thank God today for every perfect gift that comes from above I Thank God today for his Love that gets me through I Thank God today Heavenly Father I do Love you. ... See MoreSee Less


Weather Updates: Feb 16 We will only meet tomorrow for our second (11:15) service. Our first service and family ministries have been cancelled. ... See MoreSee Less


Small groups for tonight Wednesday, February 5 have been canceled due to the snow. This includes groups both here at church and at our various home small groups. ... See MoreSee Less


Your invited to a uplifting night of song and prayer tonight 1-22-14. It's a special night to lift up those in our Church family as well as anyone else who may be going through struggles and need prayer. The special service starts at 7:00pm and lasts about 1 hour. ... See MoreSee Less


Update from Brittany: Kyle saw the surgeon for a follow up last week. He said everything is progressing well and that he will probably have another surgery in February to remove the pins in his fingers. We truly appreciate the support and prayers! Please continue to pray specifically for no infection, that the skin graft that was done will work (if not, he will lose two of his fingers), and that the shattered bones in the tips of his middle and ring fingers will heal correctly (If they don't, he will lose the tips of his fingers.) He still has a long way to go, but he is doing well so far. His energy level is increasing and he is feeling good. God has done amazing things so far and we continue to pray for a miracle! Job 1:21-22 ... See MoreSee Less


Update from Brittany: We are home from surgery and Kyle is resting. The surgery went well today and the surgeon is pleased with his progress so far. He will need to have another surgery in a couple of weeks to remove the pins from his fingers. He still has a long road to recovery, but for now he is where he needs to be. We appreciate the continued prayers and support from everyone. Please pray specifically that the bones will heal correctly, especially the shattered bones, that the tissue will continue to survive, that there will be no infection, and that The Lord will fully restore his hand. "I have set the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken." Psalm 16:8 ... See MoreSee Less


Update from Brittany: Kyle's next surgery is tomorrow (Friday) morning at 8:15. We are asking for prayer that the whole process is covered with God's grace. Thank you all for the prayer and encouragement that we have received so far. ... See MoreSee Less